The weight of your camera and heaviest lens should determine the size of the camera strap pad. UPstraps come Large Mountain Pad, Medium XX, and the small f pad. All UPstrap non-slip shoulder pads are molded directly to the webbing. All attachment hardware is included. Quick releases are available for the large and medium pads but not the small pad.

To determine the most comfortable pad . . . know the combined weight of your camera and heaviest lens.

The LARGE Mountain M camera strap, neck strap and sling is generally best for a 3-6 pound camera / 1.8 -3.6 kilograms.

The MEDIUM X camera strap, neck strap and sling is generally best for a 2-3 pound camera and lens.

We do our best to provide realistic estimates but the upper shoulder weight comfort limits are user dependent.

The pad size is about comfort. Tensile strength is not an issue . . .if you can carry it the UPstrap can hold it.

A rapid quick release clip option is available to detach the strap pad and the majority of the web. Only the kevlr web or heavy duty vectran cord quick release ends remain attached to the camera. There is a wrist loop, handle, bandolier and shoulder harness options for various carry applications.

Be mindful that the choice of a pad may have more to do with the weight of the lens. There are crossover areas where a mid size pad will do fine for your normal carry lens but a larger pad is a better choice for your camera and heavier lens. This is a judgement call on your part. If your not sure which way to go order both and return the one you don't want.