horse with rider blur motion


This photo technique is called dragging the shutter.  It intentionally blurs the image giving it a feel of motion.  Panning the camera while dragging or slowing the shutter speed also has the benefit of blurring the background.  This brings the focus of attention to the foreground – in this case the horse and rider.    If you want to get real fancy, dragging the shutter and panning while blowing a flash with either front or rear curtain can really be a bunch of fun.   HOWEVER, shooting a flash at a horse can cause a serious amount of trouble and a seriously pissed off rider if the horse is not “flash friendly” and comes totally unglued.  In the right situation even the sight of a camera will freak a horse.    A thoroughbred (with blinders) at the finish of and after a race is usually acclimated to a flash. It is part of their training. Besides the horse is usually so exhausted you could hit him with a brick and not have him freak.

Lastly. . . .punchy colors like RED help.