A wise photographer told me  “when you can’t seem to find the photo. . . turn around or come in from a different angle”   Where is the light in reference to the subject.  Here is an example. During a cruse to the Caribbean last month I thought that great photographs would be easy picking.  This was not the case for me.  90% of what I came up with was what I call postcards.  It was not that these postcard photos were bad.  But they were not ka-pow either.   One afternoon I got out of the depressing downtown of cruise ship ports and out in the countryside. I came across a lady selling shells and tie die dresses.  The color of the dresses grabbed my eye and I began taking photos of the dresses hanging on the line.  The vendor lady began screaming at me “no photos”  I figured that she wanted some money for me to take photos of the dresses.   If she asked nicely I would have been happy to pay her.  But the screaming didn’t help my mood. I walked behind the dresses where she could not see me.   I managed to get off a few shots before she saw me and started up again.  

Barbados-tie-dye-dress-Al_Stegmeyer_AirFreeportJanuary 12, 2013