A week ago UPstrap received an order from Graeme Hunter in Glasgow, Scotland for more camera straps.    Graeme included the comment in the order that said:  “Got 3 already, fell down a ravine in Tuscany Italy last month after a job & both cameras stayed on my shoulders, I want UPstraps on all of my gear”   I emailed Graeme back to thank him and asked if he was OK after the fall.   He responded with the entire story of what had transpired while walking back to the hotel after photographing the wedding.   Here is Graemes story, a few photos of the event, and the brides thank you for saving her wedding photos from the ravine of death!   Graeme has a great dry humor.

“A couple of furniture designers I shoot for flew me out to shoot their wedding in Tuscany,  The ceremony in 43 degree heat in Castelnouvo Di Garfagnana was amazing & I continued to shoot into the small hours as the party carried on up the hillside from the brides grandmothers home.

I’m not saying I was sober but I had refused uncle Marios home made “grappa” ( after a lesson learned shooting soccer many years ago in Parma).   Anyhoo, I figured that the 5 km walk back to my hotel with some other guests ( younger & fitter than myself’) would do me the power of good.  When I shone my torch onto the verge to let a car pass on the narrow road I was sure the ground looked supportive, unfortunately I stepped off the road onto the top of a tree.

Hanging by my fingers ( I’m a big chap) I was struck firstly how odd it was to have nothing under my feet & secondly that I still had my Nikon D3x & 2 week old Nikon D4 on each shoulder. My little Domke bag was held on by the Nikon D4.  Quick thinking by the brides sister Chiara rescued my gear ( she was only thinking about the pictures ) & then even quicker thinking by the super fit guest Richard Pontway, with no thought for his own safety, grabbed my hand & helped me up injuring his wrist.  The only casualties ? A few cuts & scratches and trousers torn at the knee and my iPhone & room key in my pocket.  Then there was the blinding headache the next day which I blame squarely at the locally produced red wine.

UPstrap will notice a few extra sales in Scotland  This started after a Getty staffer sang the praises of UPstraps.  Since then I can’t recommend them enough! Especially as I’d replaced my 24-70 with a new lens the Friday before & hadn’t insured the lens or the D4!

The upshot ? Bride & groom loved the pictures, I had the closest thing to a holiday in years.  They’re beautiful people & I promised Richard I’d shoot his wedding for free!!!!


PS I’m now famous in the town, apparently everyone knew that narrow bit of track!

And who says I put up with the egos on set ? NOTE:  My question to Graeme about his work on movie and TV sets where the egos can get out of control.
Graeme Hunter Pictures
Glasgow U.K.
m. (0044)7811946280
t.  (0044)1416444564
hire Grain Store Studios in Glasgow Centre

The quality camera straps that UPstrap builds make a difference for many great and hardworking photographers and for that I feel proud.