Mac's Truck - Key West Florida, Scala

Mac’s Truck

Bell at the Zen Hideout

The Zen Bell

I still like film but it is a major pain.  The upside if film is it slows you down.   With 36 frames you tend to think the shot through and frame it better before you press the shutter.   I had gone to my hideout in Key West where I catch my breath.  I brought the Nikon F100 film camera to shoot the Scala. Not exactly the brightest move in such a colorful town. I was so beat I could only see in black and white. Mac’s truck is down by the docks.   It’s been there for years.   The bell is behind the room at my hideout.  I was trying to slow myself down so I used film to force me to think the shot through and not just blast away with a digital camera.  I was playing around with Scala which is a black and white slide film that had been in my freezer for a few years.  I think only one place in L.A. processes it.   I think you can still buy Scala and a pre-paid- processing mailer envelope at B&H photo in New York that includes a scan of the slides.  If you look close a the bell shot you can see all the processing crud that is on the slide.

I like film.  It has it’s own character.  When you get to understand it it changes your thinking and how you see.    And again, it slows you down because every time you push the shutter it costs you a half a buck.  I would shoot more if I had an E-6 lab down the street that would process and sleeve.