This is a product review of the Eye Bobs eyeglass company. In my opinion this is a great company. The materials are first class and the glass is very good. As a photographer good solid frames and sharp glass is very important

In previous years the eye Dr. did his thing…”is the first one better or the second?” repeat, repeat, repeat.. Then the eye doctor gave me an Rx. The lenses were always a tad off and expensive.

I was in Orvis six months ago and there was small case with a bunch of Eye Bob eyeglasses with cool frames. However the glass was very sharp… no junk. At $65 but you get a solid pair of reading glasses AND…if there is a problem – they fix the glasses for free. I had one pair that I stepped on during a TSA mambo and another pair that were bent. Today I received the repaired frames. Great Service! I have six pairs now. Great Product!