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A wise photographer told me  “when you can’t seem to find the photo. . . turn around or come in from a different angle”   Where is the light in reference to the subject.  Here is an example. During a cruse to the Caribbean last month I thought that great photographs would be easy picking.  This was not the case for me.  90% of what I came up with was what I call postcards.  It was not that these postcard photos were bad.  But they were not ka-pow either.   One afternoon I got out of the depressing downtown of cruise ship ports and out in the countryside. I came across a lady selling shells and tie die dresses.  The color of the dresses grabbed my eye and I began taking photos of the dresses hanging on the line.  The vendor lady began screaming at me “no photos”  I figured that she wanted some money for me to take photos of the dresses.   If she asked nicely I would have been happy to pay her.  But the screaming didn’t help my mood. I walked behind the dresses where she could not see me.   I managed to get off a few shots before she saw me and started up again.  

Barbados-tie-dye-dress-Al_Stegmeyer_AirFreeportJanuary 12, 2013


The milion dollar photograph

The Million Dollar Photograph


Photography can be expensive.   I love my Nikon 70-200 2.8 lens but I am not fond of hauling it unless I am very serious and have a specific purpose and shot in mind that I know will require it. That said, many times you can actually get some really good work done with a high end point and shoot camera if the shutter lag doesn’t drive you bonzo!  Some of these point and shoot cameras even do OK for macro work and in some cases their movie mode is great.   You don’t need to spend a million bucks on cameras and lenses and tripods and ball heads and filters and a mule or assistant to carry it all.    Whatever the camera you are willing to carry or use that day is your best camera.  If it’s $15,000 of camera, lens(s) in a $350 bag sitting in the closet or the trunk of your car it is not much good at that moment.  If it’s an iPhone or a point and shoot and you have it with you, on you, in your hands, turned on, and in front your eyes, it’s the best camera.  $500 or $25,000 or $1,000,000. 
A lot of times less equipment = more photographs.  You will find your own daily and changing balance of how much equipment you are willing to carry.  My point is that you should always have some kind of camera unless you just want to enjoy the moment without the technology in your face.    I think Louis Black said that … photography is for people with a bad memory.  Or maybe it was. . .  photography is for people with Alzheimer’s.  I can’t remember which.