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Pickup Truck painterly look

Pickup Truck – painting

I was at the Santa Fe Photo Workshops. Arthur Meyerson was teaching.  Arthur is a great photographer from Houston Texas.   It was raining in Santa Fe that day.  Our usual workshop schedule was to break for lunch then go out and shoot after lunch. As I was waiting in the lunch line I looked out the window and saw the photo posted above.  Since I had my camera on me I began to photograph through the window.  Rule #1  carry a camera if you want to take pictures.  I think people were thinking I was nuts.  This is one of my favorite shots ever. It is not photoshop, it is water on window.    It was my French painter on acid period.






Good light will help anything look good. This shot was done at sunset with a model running back and forth in front of me.  I took lots of shots. I was a little late to the party so by the time she got sweaty enough to look like she was really working out, the sun had gone down and the idiot photographer (me) left his flash in the car.  No fill light. So it was in silhouette shot. . . ahhhh!

So know when the sunrise or sunset will happen. If you can afford it I HIGHLY advise hiring a model and try some setup shots.  You need to plan this and know what your trying to get.   It is also fun to pick out bright cloths for her/him and dress her/him for specific concepts you might have.  Stock agencies love simple concept shots with room for copy.  You need a model and sometimes a location release if the location is recognizable.    The release MUST be exchanged with money or something tangible to really be legit.   Don’t take advantage…. be fair.



Photography is about seeing. . . NOT about the latest and greatest camera.
Photography is also a state of mind that allows you to see the world not just in front but behind, above and below you.  Taking time to work an image from different points of view enables you to understand your subject and craft the image that is important to you.   Interesting images are all around you if you are open. One simple fact is you can’t take or make a photograph if you don’t have a camera with you. The more often you carry a camera the better photographer you will be.  If you’re serious about improving your images ~ have your camera on your shoulder. Remain relaxed and look around.  If you leave your camera in the bag it will stay nice and shiny but you may miss a lot of great shots. What is more important to you?  better images or a shiny low mileage camera?  The more you carry your camera the better you will become.