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KelbyOne created by Photoshop Guru, photographer and amazing business man Scott Kelby was introduced today. The inside story is that Scott developed KelbyOne with the help of his identical twin sister Hot Kelby who runs the back office and Mr. Data (who they hired away from Gene Roddenberry). The entire Photoshop team is powered by the solar rechargeable Energizer Bunny and get more work done in a day than I do in a month. And I’m being kind to myself.

For a photographer wanting to attend the best online university, Chancellor Kelby has created “THE” place to attend and has now offered all of KelbyOne for an amazing deal depending on your previous “relationship” with Scott. The Photoshop team includes many of the greatest living photographers today (except for me).

Chancellor Kelby is the most productive person I know. I’ve taken Kelby training (very good) and as soon as I stop writing I am going to join KelbyOne. I have no doubt it will be great.

Do it!