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For a long time I was in charge of my four ~carpet commandos~ children.  There was always some problem… some sad song like;  “Dad !!! Geoff put ketchup in my ear”  At some point I changed my name to the Cheerio Roundup King. At some point I visualized a concept I call “I have heard all the sad songs”.  I saw the image in my head and started putting pieces on the board.   I hired an old friend (I have quite a few old friends) bought an old violin, shredded the hair on the bow and found a tux at a used clothing store.   Black background, strobe with a grid, signed model release, some acting direction for my friend and the check to pay for his day.   I learned a lot.

For a decade now I have listened to photographers and their stories about slipping shoulder straps. Cameras and lenses bouncing off the floor, falling off into the bay, in short driving them nuts. About 98% of photographers who use the UPstrap love it. I am happy I can help.


Good photography courses will teach about gesture and light.    Many times to capture gesture you learn to anticipate, have your camera at the ready and have a DSLR camera with a fast motor drive.   Again, carrying a camera in a camera bag will slow your ability and desire to capture something that grabs your eye.  Stay ready with your camera on your shoulder. Find a camera and lens combination that is comfortable for you to carry. I like my Fuji X-E1