Cowboy Rancher with flowers

Making a good photo that tells a story usually takes some thought.  It is rare to pull your camera up and go snap, snap and have a unique photograph.   This business of pulling the camera up fast and blasting the motor drive is probably productive for a sports photographer, a war photographer or any photographer who only has a fleeting moment to capture a shot. Many times creating a good photo takes some thought and is more of a zen approach than the gunslinger approach.

The photograph of the cowboy with flowers for his better half can be photographed in a number of different ways.   You can go in from the front as a portrait or the back emphasizing the flowers behind his back or from above.  I could probably give you a lot of reasons why I like this perspective the best.  Most of all the photo is unique.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done this way.  There just happened to be an air duct above the door going to the second floor of the house.  A swiss army knife and a 60mm lens stuck down the vent just managed to get it done. . . at least for me.