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The Color of Light by Arthur Meyerson

Years ago I took a photo workshop with Arthur at the Santa Fe Photo Workshops. It was worth every penny and every moment. Arthur is a intuitive teacher. Arthur’s book and theme is -The Color of Light-. The 113 photographs in Arthur’s book reflect who Arthur is as a person. Arthur is a kind, gentle and patient man.

There is a full page of an Ernst Haas quote in Arthur’s book that ends with; “To see or not to see-that is an answer.” For Arthur and most great photographers this is a much more important question and answer than what is the best camera to buy… this week.

My personal experience with “To see or not to see-that is an answer.” is my willingness to make the commitment and carve out a piece of my life to use my eyes and time to create my vision of what I see. If I carry a camera with me, and am willing to get out of my own head and look at what is going on around me, that is the start. Arthur taught me that. Jay did too but they are joined at the hip. I was double teamed. I didn’t have a chance. Lucky for me.

Arthur’s Color of Light provide answers using exquisite images that impart examples, inspiration and a frame of reference about the nuance of light, shadow, color and how to see in more than one dimension. Not all the images make my hair stand on end. Some I just enjoy looking at. Some make me laugh at what Arthur saw (that I would not) and almost all inspire me to get out of this pain in the ass desk chair, grab my camera and go for a walk or trip or anything to get out of my head.

Arthur offers photo workshops and mentoring.

I want to thank Arthur for the images that give me a feeling of calm and the ones I need to look at until I see and understand them. In the end… it’s a fun book.

Thanks Arthur for being who you are and sharing your visions with us. The Color of Light is a wonderful book and a solid stepping stone to becoming a better photographer.


KelbyOne created by Photoshop Guru, photographer and amazing business man Scott Kelby was introduced today. The inside story is that Scott developed KelbyOne with the help of his identical twin sister Hot Kelby who runs the back office and Mr. Data (who they hired away from Gene Roddenberry). The entire Photoshop team is powered by the solar rechargeable Energizer Bunny and get more work done in a day than I do in a month. And I’m being kind to myself.

For a photographer wanting to attend the best online university, Chancellor Kelby has created “THE” place to attend and has now offered all of KelbyOne for an amazing deal depending on your previous “relationship” with Scott. The Photoshop team includes many of the greatest living photographers today (except for me).

Chancellor Kelby is the most productive person I know. I’ve taken Kelby training (very good) and as soon as I stop writing I am going to join KelbyOne. I have no doubt it will be great.

Do it!


This is a product review of the Eye Bobs eyeglass company. In my opinion this is a great company. The materials are first class and the glass is very good. As a photographer good solid frames and sharp glass is very important

In previous years the eye Dr. did his thing…”is the first one better or the second?” repeat, repeat, repeat.. Then the eye doctor gave me an Rx. The lenses were always a tad off and expensive.

I was in Orvis six months ago and there was small case with a bunch of Eye Bob eyeglasses with cool frames. However the glass was very sharp… no junk. At $65 but you get a solid pair of reading glasses AND…if there is a problem – they fix the glasses for free. I had one pair that I stepped on during a TSA mambo and another pair that were bent. Today I received the repaired frames. Great Service! I have six pairs now. Great Product!