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Reviews and Endorsements


"Your camera strap is the most important accessory you will every buy."   Jay Maysel NYC

"...UPstrap stopped that shoulder slip annoyance and allowed me to concentrate on making images"  Steve McCurry NYC

"...UPstrap elevates the term "strap" into professional grade equipment" Eric Meola NY

"... a simple solution to a nagging problem. They never break. "  Seth Resnick D-65.com Miami

"UPstraps are on all of my cameras. Every single body has an UPstrap on it. " Jeff Ascough UK

"The UPstrap is perfect"  Howard Schatz NYC

"The UPstraps are wonderful"  Michael Grecco LA

"The best in the business, no question. "  Sean Kernan CT

"An amazing accessory. Highly recommended!!"  Tony Sweet MD

"A simple, ingenious solution. "  Bob Krist PA

"I am thrilled to find the UPstrap!"  Bob Sacha NY

". . .thanks for the promptness and efficiency shipping the UPstrap. It is absolutely marvellous to use. Also the illustration on how to attach it was helpful. "  Linda Hepburn Queensland Australia

"My UPstrap was fantastic during our Borneo trip. My camera never slipped off my shoulder. The small lens cloth that lived on my UPstrap was very handy for condensation on the lens. Thanks for a great series of products. "   Scott Tyack

"Just wanted to let you know that I've had my strap for a few weeks now and it is everything I hoped it would be. A very good product and excellent customer service from my pre-order question to purchase confirmation and shipment notification.  Thank you very much," David Bonham

"You folks make the best camera straps, have great customer service, and are simply a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again!"
Randy Garrett,  Founder of Garrett Cartridges, Inc. NRA Life Member

"Hello,  I just wanted to let you know that the package arrived a couple of days ago in record time! and everything is in order. Thank you for the quick delivery! Best regards from Germany,"  Markus

"Tailor, Just to let you know that the strap arrived in no time, fits perfectly and I am really happy with it. All the best," Guido

"I recently bought two of these straps from you for a recent trip to London, UK. I've been called a talented amatuer which is probably an accurate assessment of my ability. However, I wish I would have bought these straps years ago instead of putting up with the Canon straps that came with my cameras. I spent a week hitting many of the tourist spots in England with a 40D and a 7D slung to my shoulders for five days. These straps are amazing. Most days I was wearing a nylon rain jacket and these straps stuck to my shoulders like honey on an army blanket. There is a post on your web site that states these are the best damn camera strap in the world. Period. End of story. I couldn't agree more.
Your customer service is also remarkable. I ordered these straps about a week before my trip and I got nervous when they were not here a few days before I left, I called and left a message and Tailor got back to me promptly and left me a VM stating that they were shipped. They came in the mail that day.   I just love doing business with good ol' American companies. Keep up the good work."  Jerry Donlan

"I have used an UPstrap for the last three years. It's a great product. UPstrap is also a fantastic company. I wouldn't purchase camera / equipment straps from anyone else."   Bob

" The kevlar safety straps with the military metal buckles are the best insurance money can buy. "  Steve Cirone


Learning the art, craft and technical aspects of photography can be achieved in many ways. It starts and ends putting hours behind a viewfinder and looking at the work of great photographers. That said, the following are exceptional.

STEVE McCURRY'S BLOG Just go there. Stories within stories around the world. If I ran a nightly news show I would have a slide show of Steve's work with him doing a voiceover of his impressions and thoughts of the people and places he has visited. His take is simply wonderful. . .JUST GO THERE!

JAMES NACHTWEY STOP!! Before you go here, you need to be ready. Witness is the documentation of things gone horribly wrong in the world. The work is truly heart wrenching. But breathtaking good.

THE JAY MAISEL WORKSHOP is about how to see and evaluate your images. It is a high performance jump start to becoming a better photographer.

The D-65 WORKSHOP are amazing. For those of you who are more interested in creating images than spending massive amounts of time sitting in the office chair doing the same digital imaging tasks over and over there is hope! Take the D-65 workshop or at the very least get a jump start with Seth and Jamie's new book on Lightroom 4.0. Workshops are now being offered for Lightroom beta.

SCOTT KELBY is the Photoshop guru. Offering a huge resource to a photographer at any level, Scott and the guys get so much done I think they are cloned. Perhaps there are a twins!

DAVID BUSCH has over a million books in print. He is incredibly adept at explaining a camera so you can burn your manual. He also has some books on how to be a better photographer that are solid. I am waiting on his Nikon D7000 book.

KEN ROCKWELL has a refreshing practical approach with his straight talk about photography, cameras, lenses and even using film in this digital age.

DPREVIEW is excellent for camera reviews.

DAVID BUSCH has over a million books in print. He is incredibly adept at explaining a camera. He also has books on how to be a better.

LLOYD CHAMBERS produces a great photography website. Lloyd writes a photography blog and perhaps the best collection of free how to photography articles on the web. When you decide to become a member you will have access to advanced photography reviews, camera equipment reviews and photo how to guides that are a small price to pay to milk the most out of the expensive camera and lens you bought.

Lloyd also offers a MAC PERFORMANCE GUIDE Lastly Lloyd offers a sister website WIND IN MY FACE that covers hi-end cycling information but moreover solid health, diet and conditioning topics that has been helpful to me in my quest to get in better health. All in all Lloyd Chambers offers three subjects that are of great interest to me. Making great pictures, Apple Computers and health. I highly suggest you give the sites a good look.