UPstrap® XX camera strap Press Release

USA Made UPstrap® Debuts XX®-Pad to its Award Winning Camera Straps for Mid-weight SLR Cameras

UPstrap® announces the XX®-pad, a quality non-slip camera and bag shoulder strap designed for lighter weight SLR cameras used by both amateur and professional photographers made exclusively in the USA.

UPstrap®; announces the XX®-pad, a quality non-slip camera and bag shoulder strap designed for most advanced consumer electronics and lighter weight SLR cameras. Designed by Al Stegmeyer, a professional photographer with over 20 years experience, the unique ergonomic shape distributes the weight off the center of the shoulder and provides an indentation that is more comfortable when used around the neck.

The XX®-pad strap is designed to support SLR cameras weighing 2 to 6 pounds and tailored for both the professional or discerning enthusiast photographer. The dynamic gripping pattern keeps the camera securely on the shoulder. It is available in either a durable Nylon or an abrasion resistant Kevlar web.

The non-slip XX®-pad provides improved stability, security and comfort for photographers. This innovative new design helps photographers maintain a relaxed posture, thus improving mental focus. "This was designed so the photographer can focus on the art of seeing rather than a slipping shoulder strap," said Al Stegmeyer, inventor of the UPstrap®.

UPstrap® has distilled eight years of experience designing and refining the XX®-pad camera and bag strap. UPstraps® are constructed from a proprietary non-slip pad compound using dependable components 100% manufactured in the USA.

"A solid camera strap is your most important accessory as a photographer," said Stegmeyer, "and we are proud to be a family owned business that offers high-quality products that are made exclusively in the USA."

UPstrap® also manufactures non-slip shoulder straps for camera, laptop and duffel bags.

About UPstrap®. UPstrap® is a Tallahassee, Florida based manufacturer of award-winning camera straps. UPstrap® was launched in 2003 by Al Stegmeyer, a professional photographer and inventor of the patented UPstrap non-slip shoulder strap system. UPstrap® sells to photographers all over the world directly through its website or by calling our customer service number. For additional information contact: Al Stegmeyer, UPstrap® Inc. Tailor Stegmeyer, Customer Service 800-420-0087 UPstrap® Inc.