What is the Best Camera Strap for You ~ Common Questions and Answers

Q. How do I know that the UPstrap® will stay up on my shoulder and not slip off ? Every camera strap I have ever owned slips off my shoulder! I finally went to a sling strap.
A. We promise you that the UPstrap® will stay up on your shoulder. This is why we call it an UPstrap®. You will be amazed. Al has spent ten years designing it, building it and improving it. All we do is build comfortable user friendly camera straps. From one photographer to another... give the UPstrap® a try and see what happens. We have a lot of photographers who love our straps. UPstrapS® are made 99.7% in the USA .

Q. Will I carry my camera more?
A Yes. If it's more comfortable and stays on your shoulder without fuss the more you will carry it. Or should.

Q. If I carry my camera more will I become better photographer?
A. Yes, you should.
Think of it this way. The more time you spend practicing the piano, fishing, or doing your job... the better you get. Same thing. Practice Practice Practice. When it is comfortable to carry your camera more, the more photographs you make/take and the better you will get. It is important to keep the camera out of the bag as much as possible. If your always at the ready you will snag fleeting moments and the way you think and see changes

Q. You have a lot of camera straps with a lot of options! Just tell me which one to get.
A. The simple answer... If your camera and lens is...

Small - lighweight 1-4 lbs. = either of the SMALL CAMERA STRAPS -RF or f
Medium - medium weight 2-5 lbs. = either of the MEDIUM CAMERA STRAPS -SG or X
Large - heavyweight 3-6 lbs. = either of the LARGE CAMERA STRAPS - SLR or M

Q. But each strap has a range of weights .
A. The range of weights is determined by what is comfortable on the average shoulder. The "sweet spot" is usually the number is the middle.

For example:

The small pad will be comfortable between 1-4 pounds but the sweet spot is about 2.5 pounds.

The medium pad will be comfortable between 2-5 pounds but the sweet spot is about 3.5 pounds.

The large pad will be comfortable between 3-6 pounds but the sweet spot is about 4.5 pounds.

Don't forget that you need to consider the weight of your lens, which is usually as heavy or heavier than your camera

Choosing the most comfortable and functional UPstrap® is very much like buying shoes where comfort and function is painfully important. With shoes, half a size can mean a big difference. A camera strap is the same. The right pad, teamed with the weight you carry, will make a big difference to your shoulder. Each UPstrap® model is designed to distribute the weight across your shoulder (comfort) and make your camera easy to carry and operate (function).

Q. What if I have a light prime lens and a heavy telephoto lens.
A. Which lens do you carry most often and for how long? If it is the telephoto then lean to that. If it's the prime lean towards that or meet in the middle. I would tend to lean toward the larger pad. Consider a quick release system. There are heavy duty pads and flexible pads. On a heavier weight camera the heavy duty camera strap pad will feel better than the Ergonomic flexible pad. But when carrying the prime you could swap out to the ergonomic and flexible pad that has a little more weight range.<\p>

Q. Will your camera straps hold more weight?
A. Yes. from 75-1000 pounds depending upon the model.

Q. What if I want a smaller pad than you recommend?
Sure...just understand it won't be as comfortable and will wear faster.
A. What if I want a bigger pad than you recommend?
Yes... but it will not hold on your shoulder as well. Do you buy bigger shoes than you need?

Q. This all seems a little complicated for a shoulder strap.
A. Again, like shoes if they don't fit after a few hours, they are probably not comfortable? Your shoulder, neck, and lower back are very complex and sensitive to weight, bending and twisting which are all the things you do to keep other shoulder straps from slipping off. We want to find the most comfortable pad that matches the weight of your camera. If the comfortable shoe fits, you will walk more, carry a camera more, take more pictures and enjoy the process. It can become a form for walking meditation. A time to catch your breath.


A. A slot bracket is the oblong slot that you thread your camera strap (web) through. All Canon cameras use this system. When a slot / bracket camera and lens gets heavy we suggest the kevlar web because it will hold up better to the abrasion on the web created by the inside of the slot.

Q. What is a ring camera attachments?
A A round or triangular mini split ring rotates on a metal lug. As the camera moves around the wear is on the metal to metal part not on the camera strap. Most Nikons camera have a mini split ring, like a key ring, to thread the strap through.

Q. Do I really need Kevlar web?
A If you have a heavy Canon and especially with a heavy Canon lens on the front of it... kevlar is a very good idea.

Q. Does a heavy Nikon camera body with split rings need Kevlar?
A. No

Q. Does a very heavy Nikon or Canon lens need Kevlar?
A. yes.

Q. Does the Kevlar cut easier if someone with a knife tries to cut the web and steal my camera?
A. If a guy has a knife... let him/her have the camera. I know from personal experience that letting the camera go is better then ending up with a knife in your body. Want to see the scar on the left side of my chest?


We would love to get you started in the right direction with camera straps. Call or email. To know more about camera lenses and software call. We will help you if we can.


Q Do you have anything more fashionable?
A. No. Please don't make the mistake of drawing attention to the expensive camera around your neck. And don't put your camera strap around your neck. Unless is is lightweight it is bad for your neck


Q Why is shipping so much?
A. Ask FedEx

Q What country's do you ship to?
A. Click to here to see the Countries we ship to.

Q. How do you handle exchanges if I am outside of the US? A.Please contact our customer service for the best method.


Q. What is your exchange policy?
A. You have two months to make changes . It is usually best to call or email us. Then, order what you want, tell us it's an exchange and we will ship the new one to you with a pre-paid return envelope back to us at P.O. Box 14505, Tallahassee, FL 32317. When the used strap arrives we will credit your card.

Q. What if I want to return it?
A. We have a 60 day return policy. Send it back to us with your name, order number if possible and email address to P.O. Box 14505, Tallahassee, FL 32317 We will give you your money back with no fuss no muss. No RMA ,no argument, no debate, no hard sell.  :If you call us first we might ask why. You may have the wrong strap. We might even suggest another strap from another company. We want you to be happy.

Q. What if I order the wrong straps because I was confused?
A. We understand that we we are human and we both make mistakes. Should something go wrong we will do our best to help you. Just be nice!

Q. My credit card is good, why can't I make a purchase?
A. Our system will not authorize a credit card from some countries. It's a security issue and we take it very serious.

Q. I have a drop box in the USA that forwards groups of things to me outside of the USA. Can I ship it there?
A. We have had trouble with this. Many times the drop box in the USA does not reply or confirm that they got the package, then the customer says that he/she never got it. We lose.

Q. Why don't you ship to APO boxes?
A. This one really bothers us... a lot. We would love to support those of you who are serving our country. That said, our experience with APO's is not good. Half the time it somehow gets lost. Sometimes we never get an email from the customer; out of the blue we get a chargeback from the credit card company. This costs us in more than one way. Have someone in the USA buy one and they can send it to you.


Q. Why can't I use the camera strap that came with my camera?
A. You can. It is usually a short strap with a big bright logo on it which annonces to everyone that you have a camera. If they don't want to be photographed, it will change the dynamic of the situation.
It also announces to any thief within 50 yards that you have thousands of dollars hanging from your shoulder.
You purchased their product. Why do you feel the need to be a walking billboard?

Besides... It screams tourist. When traveling the best approach is to blend in.

This bright color camera strap also goes for "fashion straps" which draw attention to you. For those of us who want to take photos and not make a fashion statement low key may impact the photographs you can make.

Q. There are many different cameras and lens combinations that impact the best choice of a camera strap. The weight of a camera/lens combination will vary from less than a pound to over 15 pounds! How do I choose?
A. Sometimes it's trial and error. Basically if a camera and lens, battery pack, flash etc. is over 4 pounds and your carry it for more than four hours the large pad is the way to go. Please Do Not put a camera of that weight around your neck. Use your shoulder for any camera over two pounds. At 8+ pounds or for longer periods of time try our sling strap or photo harness. A young assistant coud be helpful.

Q.How did shoulder straps develop?
A. When man found that he/she (hard to tell at the time) could use a vine to drag their meat back to the cave, shoulder straps were their method of choice. Today the majority of hunters use a backpack to bring back freshly killed deer, elk and possum. Photographers use camera shoulder straps, slings, camera bags, laptop bags, travel bags, briefcases, laptop computers and tripods on their shoulder or in a special backpack for cameras.