Your camera strap is the most important camera accessory you will ever buy.

UPstrap been making camera straps for 12 years.

Let us help you get it right.

To understand the process of picking the right strap please read below. If you still need guidance contact us via phone or email.

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The starting point when deciding on the best camera strap is to know the weight of your camera and lens(s). The main objective is to match the weight of the camera + lens (s) to the width the pad. Distributing the weight evenly across the proper pad will provide the most comfortable carry.

Cameras and lenses are getting lighter and lighter with the weight of lens is an important factor. If you have a camera with a 28mm prime lens the majority of the weight is the camera. However, if your have a fast prime lens or a heavy zoom you are matching the pad to the lens because the lens is heavier than the camera.

Many photographers have a favorite lens they carry most of the time. Use that lens weight plus the camera weight. If you have more than one lens you will want to lean your weight toward a larger pad. A large telephoto lens may have it's own strap attachments so you may want to consider a second set of attachment ends so you can move the strap between the camera and the telephoto lens.

All of our camera straps, camera slings and hybrid shoulder-slings have a "suggested comfort load". Basically we are providing you with two pad style options for extra large, large, medium and small pads and the weight they support with the most comfort. We make pads for extra heavy 6-12 pound cameras, large 3-6 pound cameras, medium 2-3 pound cameras and small 1-3 pound cameras. The large, medium and small are available in a double sided non-slip pad or a single sided non-slip pad that is designed to be a hybrid non-slip shoulder strap or camera sling. If you are the classic shoulder carry then the the double sided non-slip DSLR, SG or RF pad is best. If you tend to do both shoulder, neck and sling then the Mountain, XX and f pad is a better choice.

All pads with the exception of the small RF and f have a rapid release option. The choice of a simple camera strap without a rapid release or the rapid release system is determined by your need to quickly remove the pad and web leaving only short release ends on the camera. These release ends allow you to substitute a leather wrist loop, tripod safety loop, bandolier, spare camera ends and camera handle. The rapid release camera strap option is a complete camera, lens and camera bag carry system. If your new to photography and want to know how and why the hybrid pad or rapid connect disconnect release system will help you please call. As we said your camera strap is the most important camera accessory you will ever buy. We have been making camera straps for 12 years. Let us help you get it right. We want you to carry your camera more so you can really enjoy capturing images. UPstrap camera straps are well designed and provide a safe no fuss, no slipping, simple and easy camera carry.

Your camera or lens manual will have the weight. This information is usually at the end after you read (but don't understand) all the complicated stuff the camera can do. Another way to find the weight is a google or bing search for (the name and model of your camera or lens). Most websites like will have the weight of almost any camera and lens. Search the camera model and then look at the specifications tab. Add the weight of the camera body and lens. Convert all the grams, ounces, pounds, furlongs and miles to US pounds (16oz = 1 lb). When your done come back to

After you do your homework as explained above, if you need assistance, advice or clarification please call us at 505-557-7056.
It's important when you know the weight of your camera and your lens before you call as we may not be near a computer to look it up for you.

We are a family business. We answer our phones while on the go. We are on Eastern Standard time with telephone hours between 10- 9 East Coast, 8-7 Mountain and 7-6 West Coast. If there is no answer please leave a message, or email us at Emailing may provide a quicker response time especially if you include your phone number.

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